Swesail is a China and European Union (Sweden) based enterprise software and analytics consulting firm founded by Uppsala alumni. We are data-driven, technology and decision science firm focused exclusively on big data & analytics, data-driven dashboards, applications development, information management and consulting of any kind, from any source, at massive scale. We are young, global consulting shop helping enterprises and entrepreneurs to solve big data & analytics, data-driven dashboards, applications development, and information management problems to minimize risk, explore opportunities for future growth and increase profits more effectively. We provide intelligence, accelerated innovation and technology implementation with extraordinary breadth and depth of global insights into the big data, data-driven dashboards, applications development and information management for organizations by combining unique, specialized services and high-level human expertise. Our global, national and regional clients have presence in leading international markets. Our ...

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Swesail(ShenZhen)consulting co.
Office in Sweden: Flogstavägen 75A 1102, Uppsala, Sweden, 75272
Office in China: Room 1407, Building 9C, Baoneng Technology Business Park, Qingxiang Road No.1, Longhua district, Shenzhen
Telephone:(+86) 0755-36862212

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